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Music : Miscellaneous 12

A Travel Through Sounds 12 (Ethereal) Lorn – Ice Rone – Bye Bye Macadam Lorn – Tattered Flag Lorn – Anvil Forest Swords – Crow Alexandre Brovelli – Black Vertigo Lorn – Sega Sunset Alexandre Brovelli – Black Vertigo V2 Zack Hemsey – Waiting Between Worlds

Snaps : It Took Seconds..

The Human League – Seconds (1981) The Human League – Seconds (Alternate Version) The Human League – Seconds Live 2010 Human League – Seconds (DJ Dave-G Assassination Edit)

Snaps : Army Of Me

..there are black flag on embassies ..there are pirates in the white house.. Björk : Army Of Me (1995) Proghma-C – Army Of Me (Björk Cover) Army Of Me – Björk (s l o w e d) ..the character is the puppet master from ghost in shell.. Björk : Early Version of ‘Army Of Me’Continue reading “Snaps : Army Of Me”

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