Tribute To : Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller is A Warrior, A Boudica, A Shield Maiden, A Voice For Many.

Just To Think About That Mega Mosq On Ground Zero (or anywhere around there) What An Despictable Idea. How Can They Even Think Such A Thing. But Pamela Was There, And Others To Put That Project Down, And They Did. I Couldn’t Imagine What A Betrayal For The Victims And Glorification For The Perpetrators.

I Remember One Of The Victim Family Saying This Is Our Burial Place, Speaking Of Ground Zero. Thanks, And Many Thanks Pamela…

And This Is Not The Only Things .. If You Don’t Know Her, I Think You Should !

2 thoughts on “Tribute To : Pamela Geller

  1. The aftermath of 9/11 here has been a joke.

    First responders are dieing of cancer, the kinds of criminals that would do it again are given amnesty, the mosque business.

    I wonder how many of them wonder what it’s all for?

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  2. Thanks SAX For Passing By. You Are Always Welcome Here.
    Well I Remember Bush With The People Of CAIR Behind Him (The Guy With Glasses And Barb Is Now Head of CAIR), And Said Islam Is A Religion Of Peace…


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