The Mash Up !

The Mash Up, Nothing New For Anyone Who Worked for Radio By The 80’s, It Was “Cooking”, You “Slowed Down The Previous Song And Slowly Up The New One Into A Transition That Lift You Up In The Next And The Next..” Then Cut By Commercials Or Introductincing A New Single A New Band, Concert Or Other Happenings. ( I Tried To Keep Up With Top 100 Where Page Follow Page, With Keeping Up With The Covid-19, BTW Great Name For A Band (With A “D” This Time). Ok Let’s Mashup !

The Cure vs New Order – (Just Like) Heaven All The Way

Feeling Good, Felling God, Thanks For Prayers ! As I Am At It, I Like To Answer A Little Bit For Those Who Said That You Can’t Be A Christian And Like ” Worldly Music”. I Give Up Music Anytime, Some Are Bad I Agree, It Depend of The Intend. Because If You Feel Rage, I’ve A Few Songs In The Sleeve, For All Feelings..Trying To Express Them Is Uneasy In Many Ways. (May Be I’ve Got Some Lacking) It Might Be So, And May Be Music Is A Different Understanding, Some Do.. Some Don’t.

Depeche Mode Ft The Cure – It’s No Good On Fascination Street

I Do Not Agree To Bend Into Idolatry, The Cult Of Person(s)..The Marketing.. The Star Business.. But I Like To Tell A Story Of A Band From Australia.. AC/DC named after the two types of electric mains power, alternating current (AC) and/or direct current (DC). Named Their First Album : High Voltage.. Until Came Some Christian “Goodwill” Saying That AC/DC Stand For : Anti-Christ / Death to Christ. And Then The Band Named One Of Their Following Album : “Highway To Hell“.. (And Wearing Horns ) …Stupidity Running Wild On A Two Way Street

Stayin’ in Black (Bee Gees + AC/DC Mashup)

Mashing Up Is A Recreation, A Re-Creation And Can Mix Different Styles; Like I Said Is Not New, But It’s Quite A Work, For Instance In That Next Video I Hear Many, Many Songs.. Quite A Mashup !!!

Led Zeppelin vs Rolling Stones vs Run DMC vs Chemical Brothers vs Def Leppard..- Rock Of Ages

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