It’s Crazy.. It’s Scarry

I Just Listen To Joe Biden Speech (Below). And It Is Like The beast In Revelation..Muslim In Command, Who Could Believe This. It’s Like The Mega Mosque After 9.11 !

I Will Put A “Funny” Video, The Subtitle Is Made On A Speach, On How Westerners Are Stupid And Believe In That Islam Is A Religion Like Any Other.. It’s Not !

One Man Said On Islam : What Part That They Want You Dead, That You Still Don’t Understand ? Refering To Strike The Unbelievers Where Ever They Are..

I’m Speechlees, I’m Astonish By Such A Speach Ever Happened. You Knew Of The Muslim Brotherhood Agenda For The US Since The 90’s, What Happened That They Maked It Real.. Obama-Clinton Certainly By Hidding, Not Out In The Open Like Biden.

But I Least You Know That All He Said, It’s From An Agenda Written Many Years Ago !

( I Will See If I Can Find A Link.. )

Sam Harris: Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

Former CIA officer: Stop calling Islam a ‘religion of peace’


Muslims Laughing At Those Calling Islam The Religion Of Peace

Joe Biden remarks at Emgage Action’s virtual Million Muslim Votes Summit

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