Painting Angel

The Mad Jewess

I mixed this piece the other day.  

I remember this song below in the 1990’s.  It was even bad back then.  Everywhere I looked in the town I lived in–there were gangs & dangerous looking youth that donned faces intent with murder.. Drive-by shootings. Violence everywhere.  I remember hearing this song and it just went thru me.  It seemed there was no way out of the insanity I lived in….a town in America.  See, its been bad for a long time.  The fact many think it only started ‘after Obama‘ is just a person living under a rock.

I am blessed enough to live high in the hills.  But, I can feel the spirits of mayhem and violence.  Chaos and confusion.  Its rampant now, worse than ever.  We all have to really draw strength from the Lord and bigly.

So, call on God if it gets too…

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3 thoughts on “Painting Angel

    1. Yes Miss Pauli, I Really Like This Song, And It Is A Perfect Choice For Your Post. I Tried To Include It Without Success, So I Have Put It As A Comment. I Already Check The Band And Will Happily Listen For More. So Thanks For This Discovery.

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