GOP candidate running against Maxine Waters unleashes viral campaign ad

I Usually Don’t Do That But At This Point It Really Does Matter, Isn’t ?

California GOP Endorses candidate Joe Collins for Congress

It Is A Time For Change, Good Luck Joe Collins !

When I turned 18, I joined the U.S. Navy. During my service, I was deployed to a combat zone during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

But while I was away serving my country and fighting in a war, Maxine Waters couldn’t even be bothered to fight for our own community. So when I returned home from war, it was our district that looked like a war zone.

Los Angeles deserves better! America deserves better!

I need your help to hold Maxine Waters accountable for her failed soclialist policies, fix the mess she’s created in our community, and ensure what has happened in Los Angeles doesn’t happen to the rest of our country.

I’m running for Congress to undo the mess that Maxine Waters has created, and I need your help to defeat her in just a few weeks.

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