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Angelic Upstarts

‘Play at Home’ was a series that allowed a band to make a doc on any subject they liked interspersed with promos. Mensi chose the Jarrow Hunger March and Thatcher’s Britain. I think I made this in early 1983 and it was broadcast in 1984. Dom Shaw .

A warning letter from the niece of Osama bin Laden — Jim Campbell’s

Comment by Jim Campbell October 18th, 2020 Tucker, please get this woman back on your show. She has insight and a great deal to say that American’s would enjoy hearing. She appears to acknowledge more about our intelligence agencies than the far left in our country will admit. U.S. Taxpayer dollars are flowing to Iranian […]Continue reading “A warning letter from the niece of Osama bin Laden — Jim Campbell’s”

Gatestone Institute

U.S. Only Country to Hold Iran’s Mullahs Accountable Elliott Abrams, the U.S. Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela, pointed out during a hearing at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “The U.S. is committed to holding accountable those who deny freedom and justice to people of Iran and later today the United States will announceContinue reading “Gatestone Institute”

Historical Greece-Cyprus-Israel Sign The Tripartite Military Cooperation Program #Trump2020

This Is A Major News ! Already The French Army Is On Place At The Aegean Sea. French Army Can Match The Turkish Army, French President Said That Is Not Against Turkey Or Its People, But Against The Current Government Threats. Greece-Cyprus-Israel sign the tripartite military cooperation program for 2021 By Greek City Times, SeptemberContinue reading “Historical Greece-Cyprus-Israel Sign The Tripartite Military Cooperation Program #Trump2020”